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Nomac Productions


Established in Waterford City in 1988, supplying Theatrical costumes nationwide.


People: A dedicated team of educated and experienced staff offers you the best  service and artistic advice, be it for Theatre or Fancy Dress.


Knowledge: Nomac’s extensive library has been greatly researched to produce the most accurate costumes for whatever period you need. 

Inventory: With over 100,000 costume in stock both Theatrical and Fancy dress and still updating, Musicals, Pantomimes, Plays and Fancy Dress. We offer the finest in quality of design, fabrics, construction and detail.


Design: Nomac has the staff to help you choose your costume for your forthcoming production or what ever the occasion is. We welcome clients to our show room to choose from our stock with our team. 

Care:  We pride ourselves on the cleanliness of our costumes. Nomac is dedicated to properly maintaining our stock and facility.

Booking: You will find bookings, professional, knowledgeable, understanding and flexible to your needs.Costumes plots available on confirmation of booking for you production. When booking we would need the title of the production you are presenting, the dates of your dress rehearsal,first performance,closing date. List of characters you need to costume rent an entire production,a single costume or any amount in between. Name,address and contact number of the person responible for the costume hire.

Dependability: You will never have to ‘hold the curtain’ for Nomac. We know how to deliver on time for your production, with time to exchange a costume that is not suitable, at no extra charge.

Make-up: Nomac has an extensive range of Theatrical make-up (Krylon & Leichner) and Fancy dress make-up and wigs to suit all your needs. If you have a special request we will be very happy to facility you if at all possible. 


Nomac Productions Curtains Up: Costuming over 200 productions this past season.We have found that communication is the key to achieving a great performance. No Production is too small.

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